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2011 NFL Combine: Numbers and Results: Offense

Notable 2011 NFL Combine results and notes:

*note: Heights measured in eighths i.e. 6001 = 6’0’’ 1/8 or 6024 = 6’2’’ ½
*note: Reps = 225-pound bench reps. 40 = 40-yard dash. BJ = Broad Jump. Vert = Vertical Leap. 3C = Three-Cone Drill. 20S = 20 yard shuttle time
Improved Stock

Blaine Gabbert, Missouri:
6043, 234 – 4.62 (40) – 10’ BJ – 33.5 Vert – 6.84 3C
Ideal quarterback size, Good frame. Too bad he won't be throwing at the Combine. Gabbert is on the Bengals radar, as he’s scheduled to meet with Cincinnati’s staff. Still have to question Gabbert’s decision not to throw, with so many quarterbacks throwing at the event this year. A far more athletic player than most were expecting from Gabbert.
Ryan Mallett, Arkansas:
6066, 253
Skinny for his near 6-foot-7 frame, Mallett also had a meltdown at the podium in front of the media Saturday, and walked off. He got upset about some drug rumor questions. Another not good thing for Mallett. Has shown spot on accuracy at times. The ball gets out of his hands extremely quick, with Brett Favre like velocity, but his throwing motion is a bit slow. The best deep ball in the group, throws it with ease.
Cam Newton, Auburn:
6050, 248 – 4.59 (40)10’6’’ BJ – 35 Vert – 6.92 3C
Exactly what was expected. Along with Gabbert, Newton is also scheduled to meet with the Bengals. Huge broad jump, the biggest at the 2010 combine was a 9’6’’. The speed was right around where most thought, at 250-pounds, the 4.6 range is fine. Footwork still needs some work, hasn’t done a lot of under center work. Had a couple accuracy problems at times, over threw the out routes. 
Jake Locker, Washington:
6024, 231 – 4.59 (40)10’ BJ – 35 Vert – 6.77 3C
Good build for Locker, at 231-pounds. Locker has the size and athleticism to make it in the NFL. Very technically sound, looked very good in the quarterback-wideout drills. Has the best footwork of all the quarterbacks. Has been the best quarterback throwing, even with a few accuracy struggles. 
Christian Ponder, FSU:
6020, 229 – 4.65 (40) – 34 Vert
Ponder had the second biggest hands, apart from Mallett, at 10 1/8 inch. Considered a polished quarterback, Ponder has a lot of fans in the NFL ranks looking to land him later in the draft. Made  a lot of throws look easy, because his body placement and footwork was spot on. Didn’t throw the best deep ball, but had some real nice out throws.
Ricky Stanzi, Iowa:
6043, 223 – 4.93 (40) – 32.5 Vert – 6.95 3C
Good size for Stanzi. After a horrendous Senior Bowl, Stanzi stood out more on Sunday. He had a few accuracy problems again, with a real long throwing motion.
Andy Dalton, TCU:
6020, 210 – 4.87 (40) – 29.5 Vert – 6.93 3C
Throws a nice ball, but  doesn’t look as natural as some of the other quarterbacks. Had some nice deep balls. Threw better than expected on Sunday.
Colin Kaepernick, Nevada:
6045, 234 – 4.53 (40) – 32.5 Vert – 6.85 3C
Most were expecting him a little taller, but at 234-pounds it looks like he’s put on some weight, a good thing. Has a pretty long release. Threw the ball pretty well, though, for not being an under center quarterback. Can probably count on one hand how many snaps he’s had under center. Kaepernick impressed a lot at the combine, one of the better deep balls.

Running Back:
Mark Ingram, Alabama:
5091, 215 – 21 Reps4.58 (40) – 9’10’’ BJ
Down at least 10 pounds from Alabama. Ingram gets in and out of cuts very quick. Ingram has some of the best feet in the draft. Doesn’t need great speed because of his running style, turned in times within the 4.5 and 4.6 range. As expected, did very well in bad drills, made really nice cuts. Did everything he needed to on Sunday.
Mikel Leshoure, Illinois:
5115, 227 – 4.59 (40) – 38 Vert – 10’2’’ BJ6.82 3C
Right around the size that was expected for Leshoure. A bruising back that didn’t necessarily need a great 40-time to hold his position in the draft. Leshoure had a lead on being the second running back selected, but that lead shrunk Sunday.
Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech:
5093, 212 – 4.61 (40) – 40 Vert10’3’’ BJ – 6.96 3C – 4.18 20S
Shorter than expected, but Williams is a physical runner for 5-foot-9. Has great lateral quickness, as well. Did excellent work through the bags. Caught the ball well, did a lot to show he can be an every down player.
Daniel Thomas, Kansas State:
6002, 230
Shorter than expected and heavier. A guy a lot of scouts are high on. Played in a single back set, making him more pro ready. Need to see a bit more out of Thomas to make a final grade on him. Would have liked to see Thomas workout, hopefully he’ll be ready by the pro day.
Demarco Murray, Oklahoma:
5115, 213 – 4.41 (40) – 34.5 Vert – 10’4’’ BJ – 4.18 20S
Ran very smooth. A guy that needs to prove he can play outside the spread. Catches the ball very well, though. Had a lot of college production. Did a lot well to the combine. A guy who will rise up a lot of boards, based on how well he ran and caught the balls.
Jacquizz Rodgers, Oregon State:
5057, 196 – 4.64 (40)
Smaller than Lewis at just a hair over 5-foot-5, but three pounds heavier. Has to prove he can be a blocker and catch the ball at the next level. Didn’t turn in the speed many thought he had, but he’s got the quickness to make a difference. Really good work in and out of cuts. Seems to get near inches off the ground.
Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma State:
 5072, 199 – 24 Reps – 4.53 (40) – 35 Vert – 10’2’’ BJ – 6.74 3C
Under his OK State listed height and weight, but he’s played bigger than his size. Bounced back from a season ending injury last season to have a great final year. Has retained all of his speed and quickness from that injury.
Jordan Todman, UConn:
5087, 203 – 25 Reps – 4.40 (40) – 38 Vert – 10’6’’ BJ – 4.18 20S
Smaller than expected at 5’8’’. Played bigger at UConn than his size would suggest. Real impressed with how Todman runs, nice through the bag drills, smooth cuts. VERY impressed with Todman. Improved his draft stock by at least a round Sunday. Nice catch and run skills.
Dion Lewis, Pittsburgh:
5065, 193 – 4.57 (40) – 34.5 Vert – 6.90 3C – 4.18 20S
Even smaller than the expected 5’8’’. But 193 at that height is thick. Lewis needed a fast time, but didn’t get what he was looking for. Didn’t feel natural in bag drills, stiff hips. Looked good in cut drills, though. Was out shined by Rodgers and Locke, the drafts other tiny backs.   
Shane Vereen, California:
5102, 210 – 31 Reps – 4.50 (40)
Added some weight. Vereen shocking everyone by throwing up 31 reps in the bench at just 210-pounds! Along with the strength, showed good straight line speed.
Delone Carter, Syracuse:
5090, 222 – 27 Reps – 4.56 (40) – 37 Vert – 10’ BJ – 6.92 3C – 4.07 3C
Many are intrigued with Carter. Ended with a great 2010 season. Had a real good Senior Bowl week, led the game in rushing. Then shows real good strength at the combine. Scouts want to see if he’s an every down player.
Graig Cooper, Miami (Fla.):
5103, 205, 4.65 (40) – 6.66 3C – 4.03 20S
Very intriguing guy. Had a knee injury a year ago, appears fully healed. ESPN draft scout Todd McShay had as a potential second round pick a year ago. A quick player more than a straight line guy, showed in the fastest three-cone time by a running back, a near RB record. Can return kicks and punts and fill a special teams need. Proved  the injury was behind him, very quick in his cuts. Catches the ball very well.
Noel Devine, West Virginia:
5074, 179 – 24 Reps
The very light weight doesn’t help Devine’s stock.  Showed good strength, though, with 24 reps. Devine has met with the Rams, Steelers and Browns, all teams looking for speed on offense. Didn’t run or participate in any of the drills.
Derrick Locke, Kentucky:
5082, 188 – 4.40 (40)37.5 Vert – 9’10’’ BJ – 4.15 3C
Speed will be the key in Locke’s stock. He was projected a low 4.3 40, but turned in a time within the 4.5 range. Got his second time down into the 4.4s. Locke has a lot of potential, especially for teams looking to add a quick back to their rotation. A little off balance getting in and out of cuts.
Da’Rel Scott, Maryland:
5110, 211 – 4.34 (40) – 9’9’’ BJ – 4.20 20S
Has ended his college career well, made an appearance in the Shrine Game and Senior Bowl. Had quite a few fumbling problems early in his career. Turned in a couple very nice 40-times, shows he’s got potential if he gets his problems cleaned up. Fastest running back at the event, turned a lot of heads Sunday.
John Clay, Wisconsin:
6012, 230 – 4.87 (40)
Clearly looks down in weight from Wisconsin. Has dropped nearly 20 pounds since the 2010 season. Did not run well, as expected, but turned in times within the 4.7 and 4.8 range. Ran behind a real good line at Wisconsin, which worries some scouts. Wasn’t real smooth in bag drills, fell down on one cut. Didn’t do a whole lot to improve his stock Sunday, even with the weight loss.
Jamie Harper, Clemson:
5113, 233 – 24 Reps – 4.59 (40) – 36.5 Vert – 10’ BJ
Harper is a guy that came out early and really shouldn’t have. Needed more production at Clemson. Wasn’t a fulltime starter in 2010, and had some bumps and bruises in his career.
Roy Helu Jr., Nebraska:
5114, 219 – 4.42 (40) – 36.5 Vert – 9’11’ BJ – 6.67 3C – 4.01 20S
Very quick time for Helu, especially at 219-pounds. Didn’t really break through until his senior year at Nebraska. Liked what I saw from Helu in bag drills, fluid, didn’t break speed. Set record for running backs with a 4.01 20 yard shuttle.
Damien Berry, Miami (Fla.):
5104, 211 – 23 Reps – 4.63 (40) – 10’ BJ4.12 20S
Not on a lot of scouts radar, but was very effective for two years with Miami. Could develop into a short yardage back in the NFL. Couldn’t get in and out of his cuts very well. Sloppy from side to side, but had a good burst.

Wide Receiver:
AJ Green, Georgia:
6035, 211 – 18 Reps – 4.50 (40) – 10’6’’ BJ
Skinny build. But still managed 18 reps. Met with the Bengals staff on Saturday. Very fluid in his routes. Hasn’t done anything to no warrant being the No. 1 wideout taken.
Julio Jones, Alabama:
6026, 220 – 17 Reps – 4.39 (40) – 11’3’’ BJ – 38.5 Vert – 6.66 3C
Had the second biggest wingspan at just over 81 inches. Very impressive speed for 220-pounds. With an unofficial 4.39 40, it’d almost be a surprise if Jones lasts until the Rams at pick No. 14. Has been the combine’s most impressive wideout thus far. Amazing broad jump from Jones. One of the best in the event’s history. 
Jonathan Baldwin, Pittsburgh:
6043, 228 – 20 Reps – 4.50 (40) – 10’9’’ BJ – 42 Vert
Nearly two inches shorter than reported at Pittsburgh. Will meet with the Ravens, who look to be in need of a young wideout to add to their veteran group. Very explosive player. Proved he’s a very dynamic athlete at 230-pounds.
Leonard Hankerson, Miami (Fla.):
6014, 209 – 4.43 (40) – 36 Vert
Up in weight from the Senior Bowl, with solid frame. Hankerson has met with the Ravens, who could be thinking of Hankerson in the first, or hoping he falls in the second. Had a couple drops in the gauntlet, but no coach or scout takes that drill seriously , the whole drill is drops. One of the more NFL ready wideouts in the group. Has some concentration problems at times, but very polished and clean in and out of routes.
Torrey Smith, Maryland:
6007, 204 – 19 Reps – 4.43 (40) – 10’6’’ BJ – 41 Vert – 4.13 20S – 6.72 3C
Smith has met with the Lions and Packers so far at the combine. The Lions could be an interesting team for Smith, if he falls to the second. Smith has been impressive in drills. Everything looks natural. Continues in a long line of Maryland standouts at the combine.
Titus Young, Boise State:
5116, 174 – 4.53 (40)
A bit light at 174-pounds, but he’s expected to blaze in the 40. A Desean Jackson type player. Could really develop into a nice slot player in the NFL. Cramped up a bit, had to sit out some time with some Gatorade in hand.
Randall Cobb, Kentucky:
5102, 191 – 16 Reps – 4.46 (40)
A bit shorter than expected. Some may even project Cobb as an all-purpose back in the NFL. Caught the ball well, reaching out grabbing it out of the air. Can play a lot of different positions at the wide receiver spot and can return some kicks as well. Impressed a lot of scouts Sunday.
Jerrel Jernigan, Troy:
5087, 185 – 4.46 (40) – 10’4’’ BJ37.5 Vert
Right around what was expected from his size. Very fluid routes, a really smooth wideout. Makes routes and catches look easy. Looks like he plays bigger than his 5-foot-8 frame. Jernigan shouldn’t last past the second round. He’s too versatile and polished as a receiver.
Greg Little, North Carolina:
6024, 23127 Reps – 4.53 (40) – 10’9’’ BJ – 40.5 Vert
At 231-pounds, Little will need to show its good weight. Hasn’t played in a year. Very strong, and at 231-pounds, a mid 4.5 40 isn’t all that bad. Very explosive. Had a few catching problems, but he hasn’t played at full speed in a while.
Lester Jean, Florida Atl.:
6030, 215, - 4.65 (40) – 37.5 Vert
Real big guy, had a very impressive Shrine Bowl week. Improved his numbers every year at FAU. Ran fairly well for his size. Could be a good possession receiver once he gets his game cleaned up. A pretty raw player still.
Vincent Brown, San Diego State:
5112, 187, 4.71 (40) – 6.64 3C
Very clean wideout, won’t beat anyone deep, but can run good routes and catch the ball with ease. Had one of the better Senior Bowl weeks.
Cecil Shorts III, Mount Union:
5113, 205 – 21 Reps – 4.59 (40) – 4.07 20S – 6.50 3C
Comes from the same college as Colts wideout Pierre Garcon. Shorts lit up the college ranks, and although he’s a D-III guy, Shorts is still a very intriguing prospect, with 259 career catches. Was looking for a bit more out of Shorts, but didn’t necessarily disappoint.
Jock Sanders, West Virginia
5061, 181 – 19 Reps – 4.53 (40)
Didn’t run as well as most were expecting. As small as Sanders is, scouts were hoping for something in the low 4.4 range. Didn’t see a whole lot from Sanders.
DeAndre Borwn, Southern Miss:
6055, 233 – 20 Reps4.59 (40)
Is exceptionally big, looks like a tight end running routes. Catches well away from his body. Sluggish in routes, needs a lot of polishing up.
Jeff Maehl, Oregon:
5116, 190 – 4.62 (40) – 3.94 20S – 6.42 3C
A guy who intrigues scouts, but they’re just  not sure about his athletic ability. Real nice job catching the ball Sunday. Ran a little faster, even at 4.6, than most thought, so he could have improved his stock Sunday. Really good quickness, set a combine best 6.42 three-cone time.
Ronald Johnson, USC:
5113, 199 – 4.47 (40)
Quick player, will catch a lot of teams eyes as a kick and punt returner. Can step in right away to fill a special teams void, all while he fine tunes his game. Has shown good quickness and showed good speed in the 40.
Greg Salas, Hawaii:
6001, 210 – 4.56 (40) – 37 Vert  - 4.10 20S – 6.65 3C
One of the drafts most productive wideouts as far as college numbers go. Ran faster than some thought he would. A mess up of the clock at first had Salas timed at 5 flat. Certainly a mistake. Really turned in a nice workout.
Austin Pettis, Boise State:
6025, 209 – 4.61 (40) – 3.88 20S – 6.68 3C
Not someone who’s going to blaze down the field, but a guy who can become a big redzone target. The type of player who will fight for the ball in the air. Quarterbacks love this working with a guy like Pettis. Caught the ball with ease on the deep throws. Shouldn’t last past the fourth round, too special of a talent. One of the best short shuttle times of all-time.
Edmond Gates, Adeline Christian:
6001, 192 – 4.37 (40) – 10’11’’ BJ – 40 Vert
Ran the fastest 40 so far at the combine. Improved his stock greatly Saturday. Had real nice hands, snatching balls out of the air. Gates forced a lot to go back to the tape, because of such a good workout.
Andre Holmes, Hillsdale:
6042, 210 – 4.52 (40) – 10’10’’ BJ – 6.69 3C
Has been impressive at times, a big guy at over 6-foot-4 and 210-pounds. Holmes ran well, but didn’t attack the ball in the ball well in drills.
Tanden Doss, Indiana:
6020, 201
Far under the 6’5’’ Indiana had him listed at. Didn’t participate in any of the drills Sunday.
Niles Paul, Nebraska:
6007, 224 – 24 Reps – 4.51 (40) – 4.14 20S
Like Cobb, Paul could be moved to the backfield at the next level. Looked very big, wasn’t real fluid.

Tight End:
Kyle Rudolph, Notre Dame:
6061, 259  
Not working out at the combine because of hamstring injuries that ended his season short. 
D.J. Williams, Arkansas:
6021, 245 – 20 Reps – 4.67 (40) – 9’3’’ BJ – 33’ Vert -
Has kept pretty much under the radar at the combine. Hasn’t done a whole lot to stand out for the Mackey Award winner. Fluid in routes, didn’t break his speed or focus. Probably showed the best pass catching ability of the tight ends.
Lance Kendricks, Wisconsin:
6027, 243 – 25 Reps – 4.75 (40) – 10’2’’ BJ – 34.5 Vert -
Needs to add some weight at just 243, but 25 reps shows strength. Didn’t run as well as many thought, in the unofficial 4.6 range and official 4.7 range. He’s also a guy that came in a couple inches shorter than expected. Nice catches in the vertical drill, stood out. Needs better hand placement as a blocker.
Virgil Green, Nevada:
6033, 249 – 23 Reps – 4.64 (40) 10’7’’ BJ 42.5 Vert
Turned in small hands at just 9 ¼, but really long arms. Tremendous leaping ability. Another great athlete from Nevada. Second best vertical by a tight end in a decade. Green has really stood out, and forced a lot of scouts to go back to the tape. Real nice over the shoulder catch at full speed in vertical drills. Smooth, but with a focus problem here and there. Overall a good athlete, but fairly raw in route skills.  
Luke Stocker, Tennessee:
6043, 258 – 27 Reps – 4.79 (40) – 33 Vert -
The highest lift total of the tight ends yet. Had a drop a couple drops. Put up big numbers at Tennessee and ran better in drills than his numbers would suggest.
Jordan Cameron, USC:
6052, 254 – 23 Reps – 4.59 (40) – 9’9’’ BJ – 37.5 Vert
An interesting prospect, an ex-basketball player at BYU. Transferred to USC where he was a wideout, then moved to tight end. Didn’t get a whole lot of work at USC, with only 16 catches, but very athletic and runs really well. Similar to Jimmy Graham of the Saints is comparable. Extended hands well, making nice catches.
Weslye Saunders, South Carolina:
6051, 270 – 19 Reps – 9’8’’ BJ – 33.5 Vert
Good size, but hasn’t played in quite a while. Had to leave the workouts because of a broken bone in his left foot. He’ll need surgery on Monday. A big blow for Saunders, who’s already had a lot of time away from the football field.
Rob Housler, Florida Atlantic:
6053, 248 – 22 Reps – 4.55 (40) – 9’9’’ BJ – 37 Vert
Has turned quite a few head throughout the event. Has been one of the more athletic tight ends, running the fastest 40. Looked fluid and ran nice routes in the down field drill, as well. Housler will force a few scouts to go back to the tape.
Charles Clay, Tulsa:
6027, 245 – 4.73 (40) – 9’3’’ BJ -
An interesting prospect. Will most likely be an H-back at the next level.
Schuylar Oordt, Northern Iowa:
6056, 261 – 18 Reps – 4.67 (40) – 9’11’’ BJ – 36 Vert -
Good size, but strength was a little low. Ran a good 40 in the unofficial 4.6 range, though. Lunged too much in blocking drills. Struggled in some drills, needs to use hands better. 
Charlie Gantt, Michigan State:
6040, 252 – 27 Reps – 4.97 (40) – 9’3’’ BJ – 30.5Vert -
Gantt was the strongest in the bench reps, and didn’t exactly run very well. May transition into a solid blocking tight end. Looks fairly solid in pass catching drills, though, running better than his times would suggest. Keeps a solid base and doesn’t run out of control.
Lee Smith, Marshall:
6056, 266 – 25 Reps5.01 (40) – 9’ BJ – 29 Vert
A slow time from Lee, but projects, like Gantt, as a strict blocking tight end.

Offensive Line:
Nate Solder (OT), Colorado:
6081, 319 – 22 Reps 5.05 (40) – 9’2’’ BJ32 Vert – 4.34 20S 7.44 3C
Solder measured in quite well at 6-foot-8 as expected, but his 21 reps show his weakness. He's a past tight end, and it appears he's kept his tight end strength. Not good news for Solder. Solder looks like a guy who’s going to need some work and fine tuning once he gets into the league. He runs well, but he needs to clean up his game and improve his strength.
Anthony Castonzo (OT), Boston College:
6070, 317 – 28 Reps – 5.23 (40) – 8’9’’ BJ – 4.40 20S – 7.25 3C
Looks very athletic. Looked the best in the kick-slide drill of all the group one linemen. Could add some weight based on how he moves and carries weight on 6-foot-7 frame. May be the best offensive tackle in the draft with the solid performance, as he’s shown he does all the little things of the position very well. His upside, however, isn’t as high as Solder.
Tyron Smith (OT), USC:
6050, 307 – 29 Reps
Up from the 285 he played at with USC. Great news for Smith and teams looking at Smith. With 29 reps, as well, Smith is shapping into the drafts top tackle. Has met with Steelers, Browns and Saints.
Gabe Carimi (OT), Wisconsin:
6070, 314 – 29 Reps – 5.27 (40) – 9’1’’ BJ
Appeared to hop and skip in kick-step drills. Needs to keep a solid base in his kicks. A light breeze would have knocked him over the way he crossed his feet.
Marcus Cannon (OT), TCU:
6050, 358 – 33 Reps – 5.26 (40) – 8’9’’ BJ
Reportedly played at 375 at one time, so 358 is down. With his strength and size, I wouldn't be surprised to see Cannon move inside at the next level. Has moved fairly well throughout position drills, but as far as being a tackle, an inside move looks like its coming.
Rodney Hudson (OG), Florida State:
6023, 299 – 27 Reps
Is up in weight to 299, but ran well in pull drills. Built on a good Senior Bowl week. Some were turned off by Hudson’s heavy appearance, but he carried it well throughout drills.
Derek Sherrod (OT), Miss. State:
6053 321 – 23 Reps – 5.28 (40) – 4.63 20S – 7.43 3C
Ran pretty well, but wasn’t necessarily impressive in the kick-slide drill. Showed good athleticism in the Three-Cone drill.
Ryan Bartholomew (OC), Syracuse:
6010, 302 – 34 Reps4.97 (40)4.62 20S
Has stolen the show so far at the combine, leading all linemen in bench reps and 40 times. Moved fairly well in position drills as well. So far, Bartholomew takes the cake as the combine workout warrior.
Zach Williams (OC), Washington State:
6020, 309 – 5.27 (40) – 4.62 20S7.54 3C
Moved real well in drills. Pretty explosive player. Wasn’t on a lot of scouts radars before the combine, mostly because of how bad WSU has been, but Williams has forced some to take a second look.
Orlando Franklin (OT), Miami (Fla.):
6054, 316 – 26 Reps – 5.20 (40)
Working out just a couple months after MCL surgery. Say’s if he’s not 100 percent, he’s 98.Doesnt look to project as a tackle at the next level. Moves more like a guard. Played three years at Miami as a guard, before moving to tackle senior year.
Danny Watkins (OG), Baylor:
6033 – 29 Reps – 5.40 (40) – 4.62 20S – 7.61 3C
Did a nice job throughout the drills. Don’t be surprised if Watkins moves into the late first round. A few teams, like the Steelers and Packers, will be looking offensive line.
Steve Schilling (OG), Michigan:
6043, 308 – 30 Reps5.16 (40) 4.62 20S
Runs real well for his size. Could rise up some boards with tradition of Michigan linemen.
Mike Pouncey (OG), Florida:
6050, 303 – 5.28 (40)
A lot of good talk around Pouncey. Could end up with his brother, as he met with the Steelers on Thursday.
Zane Taylor (OC), Utah:
6024, 309 – 33 Reps5.61 (40) – 8’8’’ BJ – 5.56 (40)
Not a tackle, and showed it in the kick-slide drill. Couldn’t move his feet.
Stefen Wisniewski (OG), Penn St.:
6030, 313 – 30 Reps – 5.35 (40) – 7.51 3C
Good size and strength from Wisniewski, if he moves well, he could jump up boards.
Kris O’Dowd (OC), USC:
6041 304 – 31 Reps – 5.16 (40) – 4.59 20S
Has been impressive so far, was the leader of the USC line, which also included Tyron Smith.
John Moffitt (OG), Wisconsin:
6041, 319 – 23 Reps – 5.55 (40) – 4.53 20S
Looks the part of a road graver, and runs like it. Fared well in the pull drill, but wasn’t quick enough outside that. Didn’t show the strength many thought.
Demarcus Love (OT), Arkansas:
6043, 314 – 5.31 (40)
Still looks a little sluggish from the very poor Senior Bowl performance. Didn’t stand out in any one drill.
Ben Ijalana (OG), Villanova:
6035, 317
Forced to drop out with sports hernia. Ijalana should workout at his pro day, but if not, it could greatly hurt his stock. Once projected as a first round pick. 
Justin Boren (OG), Ohio State:
6027, 309 – 28 Reps – 5.54 (40) – 7.57 3C
Didn’t really stand out, had good pop in the bag drills, but couldn’t move his feet well enough throughout the day.
Clint Boiling (OT), Georgia:
6045, 308 – 28 Reps – 5.30 (40)
Had a weak punch in bag drills, along with bad hand placement. His feet, however, looked good. Needs to work on keeping his head up.
Lee Ziemba (OT), Auburn:
6053, 317 – 20 Reps5.60 (40)
Whatever size Ziemba checks in at, 20 reps isn’t acceptable. Has not performed well throughout combine. Looks to be a player who was strictly a college star.

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