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2011 NFL Combine Numbers and Results: Defense

Notable 2011 NFL Combine results and notes:

*note: Heights measured in eighths i.e. 6001 = 6’0’’ 1/8 or 6024 = 6’2’’ ½
*note: Reps = 225-pound bench reps. 40 = 40-yard dash. BJ = Broad Jump. Vert = Vertical Leap. 3C = Three-Cone Drill. 20S = 20 yard shuttle time
Improved Stock

Defensive End:
Da’Quan Bowers, Clemson:
6033, 280 – 22 Reps
Not working out at the combine. Not great strength for his size.
Robert Quinn, North Carolina:
6040, 265 – 22 Reps – 4.70 (40) – 9’8’’ BJ – 34 Vert – 7.13 3C
Will rise up a lot of draft boards, even after not playing in a year because of a UNC suspension. An athletic freak, who may remind some of a young Jevon Kearse. Good bend around bags.
Cameron Jordan, California:
6041, 287 – 25 Reps – 4.78 (40) – 9’9’’ BJ – 7.07 3C – 4.37 20S
Stood up a little high, quick around bags, though. Moves real nice through all the drills, definitely doesn’t look or move like he weighs 287-pounds.
Aldon Smith, Missouri:
6042, 263 – 20 Reps – 4.75 (40) – 9’10’’ BJ – 34 Vert
Not great strength, Smith may move to linebacker at the next level. A lot rides on his feet and hip work. Stood up a little high in drills, but had a nice get off. Quick through the punch drills, got up and down through the bags real nice. Good hips flexibility, really smooth in his back peddle and change of direction. Shows he can be coached into a linebacker possibly.
Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue:
6037, 267 – 31 Reps4.71 (40) – 10’2’’ BJ – 33.5 Vert7.18 3C
Moves like he can be playing linebacker in the fall. Excellent burst off the line, best in the defensive line group 7. Excellent strength for his size, with 31 reps. Kerrigan may persuade a few teams to look at him as an outside linebacker now, a team like San Diego in the mid first. A four quarter player.
J.J. Watt, Wisconsin:
6053, 290 – 34 Reps – 4.84 (40) – 10’ BJ – 37 Vert – 6.88 3C – 4.21 20S
Carries his 290-pounds very well. Projects best in a 3-4 because of his size, but played exceptionally well in the Badgers 4-3 scheme. Quick with good bend through punch drills. Great three-cone time, a drill I love for defensive linemen.
Allen Bailey, Miami (Fla.):
603, 285 – 27 Reps – 4.77 (40) – 9’9’’ BJ – 36.5 Vert
Superb feet, moves like a deer for someone 285-pounds, bust has some stiff hips. Really quick off the line. Real nice hand work and pop on bags. Excellent explosion, proved it with the 36.5 vertical jump. Projects best as a 3-4 end at the next level, as he doesn’t have the technique and quickness to come off the edge in a 4-3 scheme.
Adrian Clayborn, Iowa:
6025, 281 4.83 (40) – 33 Vert4.13 20S
Real good quickness had the feet to match. Stumbled some through the bags, but exceptionally fast in small spaces. Squares his hips real well.
Cameron Heyward, Ohio State:
6041, 294
Not working out at the combine. Should be available for his pro day later this month.
Brooks Reed, Arizona:
6024, 263 – 30 Reps4.68 (40) – 7.11 3C – 4.28 20S
Is being looked at hard as an outside linebacker. Has shown the athletic ability and speed to make the move.  Real nice explosion off the ball. Lived up to his workout warrior status.
Jabaal Sheard, Pittsburgh:
6027, 264 – 4.69 (40) – 9’7’’ BJ
Real nice quickness for Sheard. Gets lost as far as the top defensive ends go, but Sheard is an excellent pass rushing talent.
Sam Acho, Texas:
6023, 262 – 4.68 (40) – 33.5 Vert – 6.69 3C – 4.32 3C
Can move up a lot of boards if he proves he can play as a standup end at the next level. Can see Acho moving out to linebacker at the next level. Like another Texas guy, Brian Orakpo.
Brandon Bair, Oregon:
6057, 276 – 4.82 (40) – 9’6’’ BJ – 7.07 3C – 4.37 20S
Has moved real well so far at combine, can get some bend for someone almost 6-foot-6. Played defensive tackle for Oregon, will most likely move to a 3-4 end in the NFL.
Lunged some in bag drills.
Jeremy Beal, Oklahoma:
602, 262 – 21 Reps – 5.16 (40)
Didn’t see the athleticism at the Senior Bowl or at the combine that would warrant a move to linebacker, where some scouts and teams believe Beal will have to play.

Defensive Tackle:
Marcell Dareus, Alabama:
6031, 319 – 24 Reps – 4.92 (40)
Dareus moved very well for a 319-pounder.  Struggled some moving through bags, got off balance with too much weight forward. Real nice hip work could flip and rotate with ease. Great bend and change of direction. A powerful player, who in some scouts minds, is the best defensive tackle, and I can’t disagree.
Nick Fairley, Auburn:
6037, 291 – 4.87 (40) – 7.14 3C
Real nice get off. A bit sloppy with his pop on the bags, but got up and down quick. Showed he’s got good bend and start up quickness with one of the top three-cone times for defensive tackles.
Stephen Paea, Oregon State:
601, 303 – 49 REPS
Set the NFL Combine record with 49 reps of 225-pounds. Not doing any lower body work at the combine, but strength is the name of Paea’s game.
Muhammad Wilkerson, Temple:
6041, 315 – 27 Reps – 4.96 (40)
Wilkerson is someone who can line up as a 3-techniquie in a 4-3, or a 3-4 end. A very skilled and versatile player, who didn’t get a lot of attention, mainly because he played at Temple. Moved really nice through drills, but needs to play with a better base. Real nice hip flexibility. Very quick through punch drills, got up and down through the bags the fastest of the defensive tackles.
Marvin Austin, North Carolina:
6015, 309 – 38 Reps4.90 (40)
Extremely fast for 309-pounds. With the solid workout Monday, anything past second round for Austin would be a steal. One of the UNC players suspended this year, Austin proved he still has his legs under him.
Phil Taylor, Baylor:
6032, 334 – 31 Reps – 5.20 (40)
Real nice strength for someone who projects as a first round nose tackle. Moves real well for a 334-pounder.
Corey Liuget, Illinois:
6021, 298 – 27 Reps – 4.99 (40)
Moved well through his size, but didn’t stand out in drills.
Christian Ballard, Iowa:
6034, 287 – 4.80 (40) – 31.5 Vert
Very quick time for nearly290-pounds. May project best in a 3-4 defensive scheme as a 5-technique end. A guy who out preformed Adrian Clayborn on the defensive line this year at Iowa.
Jarvis Jenkins, Clemson:
6040, 310 – 17 Reps – 5.08 (40)
Stood a little high off the line. Didn’t look very natural running around out there. A lot of scouts have high hopes for, but I just couldn’t see the quickness or feet.
Jurrell Casey, USC:
6005, 300 – 26 Reps – 5.06 (40)
Wasn’t real impressive in bag drills. Has dropped in stock ever since declaring eligible in Dec. Wasn’t real impressive, and didn’t run today either.
Drake Nevis, LSU:
6005, 294 – 31 Reps – 5.06 (40)
Had a few problems going through the bags at first. Got his kinks worked out. A little sloppy through punch drills. Hasn’t looked impressive in drills, with a lot of wasted motion.
Chris Neild, West Virginia:
602, 319 – 30 Reps – 5.12 (40)
A guy I like a lot as a strong nose in the pros. The anchor of the Mountaineers defense the last two years.
Kendrick Ellis, Hampton:
605, 346 – 26 Reps – 5.28
Didn’t stand out in any one area, but a guy whose impressed on film and one of the few players who can step in as a nose-tackle.
Ian Williams, Notre Dame:
6014, 319 – 31 Reps – 5.25 (40)
Along with Taylor and Neild, Williams is another one of the top tackles who projects as a nose-tackle for the next level.

Outside Linebacker:
Von Miller, Texas A&M:
6025, 246 – 4.53 (40)10’6’’ BJ37 Vert6.70 3C4.06
Weighed in at the Senior Bowl at 237-pounds, so has put on nine pounds since then. Blazed through the 40-yard dash, in the 4.4 range unofficially, even with the added weight. Really an impressive prospect. Has a chance to go within the top five of the draft. Incredibly smooth, there’s no wasted movement. Went a little fast through the bag drill, got off balance with his shoulders out of place. Tremendous acceleration when turning hips in pass drill.
Akeem Ayers, UCLA:
6024, 254 – 4.80 (40) – 9’8’’ BJ – 4.28 20S
Didn’t run as fast as most scouts were expecting, but he’s also one of the heaviest guys in the group. Exceptional job working through the bags. Great feet, kept his head and eyes up. Great hips and change of direction in the pass drill. Real good job catching the ball. Projects as the No. 1 4-3 linebacker. Some scouts don’t see him going within the top 15, but I’m real high on Ayers. I like the way he moves, drops into coverage with ease, just a natural athlete. Strong guy who can rush a bit, as well.
Justin Houston, Georgia:
6027, 27030 Reps – 4.68 (40) – 10’6’’ BJ – 36.5 Vert – 6.95
Weight in at 270-pounds, very similar to Shawn Merriman when he was coming out. Carries the 270-pounds very well. Real quick, some stiff hips. Struggled some in the pass drill, shouldn’t have to worry about dipping into coverage too often though. Quick off the edge.
Dontay Moch, Nevada:
6013, 248 – 4.44 (40) – 10’8’’ BJ – 42 Vert – 7.09 3C – 4.38 20S
Working with the defensive line, but he’s so athletic and fast, many teams would like to use him as a rush outside linebacker. Didn’t run the 4.2 that had been reported by Moch, but at 248-pounds, anything below 4.5 is moving. The explosion is there for Moch, with a 4.4 40-time and 10-foot-8 broad jump.
Bruce Carter, North Carolina:
602, 241 – 25 Reps
Had an ACL injury during the 2010 season, not fully healed and will not participate in drills.
Chris Carter, Fresno State:
6011, 248 – 4.62 (40) – 9’6’’ BJ – 36 Vert – 6.88 3C – 4.34 20S
Working out with the defensive line, but many see as an outside linebacker in the NFL. Has the speed and rush skills to make the move.
Mason Foster, Washington:
6012, 245 – 22 Reps – 4.75 (40) – 7.14 3C
Broke through his senior year. Has really impressed in the latter half of the year, through the Senior Bowl and into the combine. Nice natural ability in the drills, didn’t appear to struggle anywhere.
Mark Herzlich, Boston College:
6040, 244 – 29 Reps – 4.92 (40) – 32.5 Vert
Good strength from Herzlich with 29 reps. Herzlich doesn’t have his speed back from before the surgery. Still has a metal rod in his left leg. A guy that teams love to have on their team. Some heavy feet, but will get them back with time.
Lawrence Wilson, UConn:
6007, 229 – 24 Reps – 4.75 (40) – 32 Vert
One of three UConn linebackers at the combine, Wilson is considered the best prospect of the bunch. Had some ups and downs at the combine. Moved well in pass drills, not an edge rusher, and it showed.
K.J. Wright, Miss. State:
6033, 246 – 4.75 (40) – 10’ BJ
Overshadowed by All-SEC teammate Chris White, but K.J. is a player a lot of scouts are high on. Has good instincts and size for the will position in a 4-3 defense. Nice back-peddle and change of direction skills. Missed ball in pass drill. Pretty raw in the rush drill, couldn’t bend.
Brian Rolle, Ohio State:
5095, 229 – 4.56 (40) – 28 Reps – 33 Vert9’7’’ BJ – 6.89 3C – 4.26
The smallest linebacker of the group. Rolle was a very productive player, but because of his size, he’ll turn some teams off. Most likely a guy who could become a special teams star in the NFL. Really nice job changing direction, quick, quick feet.

Inside Linebacker:
Martez Wilson, Illinois:
6036, 250 – 23 Reps – 4.49 (40) – 10’4’’ BJ – 36 Vert – 7.04 3C – 4.28
Many knew Wilson would impress, but the 40-time was even a bit of a surprise. A very dynamic player, capable of playing a lot of different linebacker spots at the next level. A physically imposing player. Tight hips, with some good feet. Has some good bend at the waist, stays low.
Colin McCarthy, Miami (Fla.):
6013, 238 – 23 Reps – 4.65 (40) – 9’11’’ BJ – 36.5 Vert – 6.93 3C – 4.20 20S
Had a really nice Senior Bowl game. A guy that doesn’t pass the eye test, but is a playmaker come game day. Turned in two nice runs within the 4.6 range. Kept his eyes up through drills, quick feet, but crossed them a bit. Quick back-peddle, natural pass catching ability. Turned in a great workout for someone scouts weren’t expecting it from. A lot more athletic than many thought.
Quan Sturdivant, North Carolina:
6010, 241 – 34 Vert – 9’7’’ BJ
Not running at the combine, will wait until his pro day. Had some quick feet through drills, needed to keep his head up a little better. Fluid in his hip turn, dropped back with ease. Didn’t impress as much as many thought, but the tape says a lot in Quan’s defense.
Greg Jones, Michigan State
6001, 242 – 4.77 (40) – 9’9’’ BJ – 4.27 20S
Jones was a really productive linebacker throughout his college career had 465 tackles. Gets bulled over quite often by linemen, doesn’t fight off the block as well as others. Someone who can be a star with the right players around him. A bit stiff through drills, felt uncertain.
Nate Irving, NC State:
601, 240
Didn’t run at the combine.
Casey Matthews, Oregon:
6010, 231
Will sit out drills because of injury in bench press drill. Had to stop at 13 reps, after he aggravated something to his shoulder.
Kelvin Sheppard, LSU:
6017, 250 – 22 Reps – 33.5 Vert – 4.28 20S
Didn’t run the 40 at the combine. Moved fairly well in the pass drill, looked a bit unnatural changing direction, though. Sluggish feet in back-peddle, a little off balance. Not great bend in the waist.
Ross Homan, Ohio State:
6006, 240 – 32 Reps4.68 (40) – 7.21 3C – 4.
Led all the linebackers in bench reps. Gained 11 pounds since the Senior Bowl week, kept his speed running in the 4.6 range. A guy that doesn’t get a lot of attention, but will make a team and earn his spot in the rotation.
Orie Lemon, Oklahoma State:
6006, 242 – 27 Reps – 4.99 (40)
Turned in some nice strength, but couldn’t run as well as he would have liked. One of the slower linebackers. Off balance in the pass drills, looked like he was struggling quite a bit in dropping.
Nick Bellore, Central Michigan:
6010, 245 – 23 Reps – 4.83 (40) – 32.5 Vert – 6.98 3C – 4.00 20S
The leader of the CMU defense, Bellore is a guy who that a lot of scouts have their eye on, a small school guy not getting a lot of media attention. Moved real well through drills.

Patrick Peterson, LSU:
6002, 219 – 15 Reps – 4.34 (40)10’6’’ BJ38 Vert – 6.58 3C4.07 20S
Absolute unbelievable athlete. Excelled in every event at the combine. An explosive player, and technically sound. Real quick in and out of his breaks. Rounded off some of his turns. Displays natural athleticism. Had good
Prince Amukamara, Nebraska:
6000, 206 – 4.43 (40) – 10’8’’ BJ – 38 Vert – 4.08 20S
Ran far better than expected. The biggest question mark heading into the combine was his speed, Amukamara answered that Tuesday. Turn and run very quick. Had some stiffness at times in his turns, but Amukamara has shown on tape, he can turn and run with anyone.
Brandon Harris, Miami (Fla.):
5094, 191 – 4.45 (40) – 6.77 3C
Very fluid and very polished. Excellent feet, without any wasted movement in his breaks. Had Deon Sanders raving all day. Stayed very low with his back peddle and turned in some of the best breaks on the ball. Only had three college interceptions, but showed good ball skills, attacked the ball in the air.
Jimmy Smith, Coloradao:
6022, 211 – 24 Reps – 4.46 (40) – 36 Vert – 10’3’’ BJ – 4.06 20S
Long, rangy corner. Showed really good burst. Has caught the eye of a lot of scout’s eyes lately. Will compete with Harris to be the third corner drafted come April. Slow in his turns, some real tightness in his hips. Didn’t have fluid turns in his back peddle. 
Aaron Williams, Texas:
5117, 204 – 4.53 (40) – 10’7’’ BJ37 Vert – 6.72 3C – 4.07 20S
Very productive player at Texas. A little tight in the hips, some scouts and NFL personnel believe a move to safety may follow Williams. Rounded off his turns, showed the stiff hips scouts had tackled about. Dropped several balls and didn’t show interception skills.
Davon House, New Mexico State:
6004, 200 – 4.50 (40) – 6.65 3C
An unknown to a lot outside the scouting world. A very fluid and physical corner. Some stiffness at the combine didn’t break as well as expected.
Rashad Carmichael, Virginia Tech:
5100, 192 – 4.49 (40) – 6.69 3C – 4.06 20S
A very intriguing guy. Had 10 interceptions the last two years at Virginia Tech. Impressed a lot of people Tuesday at the combine. Turn and ran very well. Had good hip rotation. Came away real impressed with Carmichael.
Curtis Brown, Texas:
5115, 185 – 4.51 (40) – 10’8’’ BJ39.5 Vert – 6.59 3C – 4.00 20S
A very smooth corner, has excellent breaks. Impressed a lot of people at the Senior Bowl. Good change of direction skills. Broke very quick in drills .One of the more impressive defensive backs of Tuesday.
Brandon Burton, Utah:
5115, 190 – 18 Reps
Questions about his decision to come out still linger. Has stiff hips and can’t always turn and run with ease. Good acceleration out of his breaks, but getting into them was the problem.
Kendrick Burney, North Carolina:
5093, 186 – 4.72 (40)
Really impressive player, stays low and opens hips with ease. Didn’t run well at all, but showed better feet than half the group of defensive backs. Had a real nice Senior Bowl game, took away one of the MVP Awards, and built on that at the combine.
Ras-I Dowling, Virginia:
6013, 198 – 19 Reps – 4.46 (40)
Pulled up with a hamstring injury at the end of his 40-yard dash, but still managed to get a 4.4-time. An impressive athlete, shame he had to pull out.
Johnny Patrick, Louisville:
5105, 191 – 13 Reps – 4.53 (40)
Quick, good feet and good back peddle. Good quick turns in deep drill. Could turn and run very fast in break drill, though. Dropped a couple balls.
Marcus Gilchrist, Clemson:
5100, 195 – 26 Reps – 4.46 (40) – 38.5 Vert – 6.81 3C
Good looking athlete Tuesday. Quick feet, some stiffness at times. Ran real well for someone who showed some nice strength Monday in the bench.
Shareece Wright, USC:
5107, 185 – 4.46 (40)
Had just one interception at USC and didn’t show great ball skills at the combine. Decent and quick back peddle, but had some stiffness. Played a bit out of control at times, wasn’t on his toes as he hopped a bit.
Chimdi Chekwa, Ohio State:
5113, 191 – 4.40 (40) – 10’6’’ BJ
Very lean and very quick. Turned in one of the better times of the day in the 40. Fluid player, went through drills with a cast on his right wrist.
Demarcus Van Dyke, Miami (Fla.)
6006, 176 – 4.28 (40)
Wasn’t a fulltime starter at Miami, but a guy that got invited to the Shrine Bowl and Senior Bowl, started the Shrine game. Very long corner, one of the lightest players at the event, but also one of the fastest. Like Sam Shields of the Packers, Van Dyke can be coached, because of his great speed. Turned in fastest 40-time at the combine. Erratic in his turns, had a bit of trouble staying low. A project for the next level.
Richard Sherman, Stanford:
6025, 202 – 4.50 (unofficial 40) – 38 Vert – 10’5’’ BJ – 6.82 3C
Very tall with long arms. A guy who caught over 80 balls as a receiver at Stanford. Had six interceptions as a corner. An up and down Senior Bowl week, had good and bad moments in the actual game. Could be coached into a decent player. A little out of control at times in drills.
Buster Skrine, Tennessee Chattanooga:
5094, 186 – 4.48 (40) – 37 Vert – 10’2’’ BJ – 6.44 3C – 3.90 20S
Very fast. Turned in one of the better times of the event. Showed extremely quick feet in drills. Good back peddle, fluid in his turns. Had nice breaks, didn’t open his feet. A small school guy who has some potential. A fairly polished player for a lower rank player.

Raheem Moore, UCLA:
5116, 202 – 11 Reps – 4.62 (40)9’7’’ BJ – 35 Vert – 6.98 3C – 3.96 20S
Real nice hip flexibility, turned and ran very well. A natural ball hawk. Good breaks, had some corner skills in him. Very nice flexibility and bend in his breaks. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Moore sneak into the late first. Real impressive. Had 10 interceptions at UCLA, and showed great ball skills at the combine.
Quinton Carter, Oklahoma:
6005, 208 – 23 Reps – 4.62 (40) – 4.06 20S
Ran real well for a big safety. Opened his hips well, stayed in control, but looked like a safety in space, more than someone who could cover, at times. Probably won’t be doing a lot of covering at the next level.
DeAndre McDaniel, Clemson:
6001, 217 – 4.65 (40) – 9’8’’ BJ – 35 Vert
Measured in fairly big. Played like it at times. Couldn’t stay low in drills with ease. Struggled in his back peddle. Didn’t have great body control. Took too hard of a plant, wasted a lot of motion in his plant steps.
Jaiquawn Jarrett, Temple:
5117, 198 – 4.61 (40)
Really raw, has a lot of potential, but needs some coaching. Still player, was clearly a tackling safety.
Ahmad Black, Florida:
5094, 184 – 18 Reps – 4.74 (40) – 9’11’’ BJ – 35.5 Vert – 6.85 3C – 4.20 20S
Ran fairly slow for someone who measured in really small. Good ball skills, can turn and run pretty well. Tracks the ball. Was the leader of the Gators defense. Didn’t turn in good measurable, but a worker come game day.
Robert Sands, West Virginia:
6043, 217 – 12 Reps – 4.57 (40) – 35 Vert – 10’4’’ BJ4.06 20S
Real good size, can add some weight to his long frame even. Has good range, but turns and runs with some stiffness. Couldn’t open his hips at all. High in all the drills.
Shiloh Keo, Idaho:
5114, 219 – 24 Reps – 4.72 (40) – 6.55 3C3.90 20S
Had some of the best feet of any of the defensive backs. No wasted motion in his breaks or turns. Kept low, and exploded out of breaks. Had Deon Sanders raving the entire day. Didn’t run fast, but looked like one of the fastest players in drills.
Jeron Johnson, Boise State:
5104, 212 – 23 Reps – 4.53 (40)
Very productive college player. Showed some quick feet, but wasn’t as fluid as some of the top safeties in the group.
Will Hill, Florida:
6003, 202 – 4.65 (40) – 10’3’’ BJ – 31 Vert4.19 20S
Wasn’t very impressive, stiff and off balance. Couldn’t plant and run very well. Has some character issues teams are worried about as well.
Eric Hagg, Nebraska:
6013, 209 – 4.64 (40) – 6.73 3C
Decent feet for someone his size. Good coverage and ball skills for someone who played basically like a linebacker at Nebraska.
Da’Norris Searcy, North Carolina:
5105, 22327 Reps – 4.54 (unofficial 40)
Real big frame and the weight to add to it. Strongest safety in the group, with some good speed. Good quickness, but stiff in his hip flexibility. Will move up some draft boards after his workout Tuesday.
Tyler Sash, Iowa:
6000, 211 – 11 Reps – 4.62 (40) – 33 Vert – 6.90 3C
Decent ball skills. Showed some stiffness at times. Good feet for a bigger safety. Was always around the ball at Iowa. 
Jermale Hines, Ohio State:
6011, 219 – 4.62 (40)
Good size, decent speed for his size. May work closer to the line in the NFL, as he’s a good tackler and real thick.  
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