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January 26, 2010

Senior Bowl News and Notes : Monday Practice

Senior Bowl News and Notes 1-26-10: Monday Practice


A few news and notes on the first practice from Monday at the Senior Bowl according to scouts and observers who are on hand in Mobile. I wish I could be there the entire week seeing whats going on but I don't know how well that would go over missing a week of class. Here is whats going on in practice.

North Practice:

The fear every player has to deal with playing in one of these games is getting hurt. An hour into the first practice the terror struck Wisconsin defensive lineman O'Brien Shoefield. Shoefield tore his ACL in his knee. It is terrible news for the pass rushing beast. Shoefield was rumored to be moving to linebacker and had a lot of upside heading into the game. Hopefully he can recover fast.

Central quarterback Dan Lefever looked fluid in his throws the first practice. Scouts seemed to like his ability to move under center after running a spread system at CMU for four years.

Oregon running back LaGarrette Blount ran hard throughout the day, even with no contact drills.

A quarterback who struggled the first practice was Tony Pike of Cincy. A lot of balls were thrown with little weak strength.

Boise State DB Kyle Wilson I guess looked solid throughout the first practice and in drills. Like I said before I think Wilson will prove a lot this week and could drastically improve his draft stock when the week is over.

The vocal leader for the North defense was linebacker Sean Weatherspoon of Missouri.

It is rumored that Oregon State quarterback Sean Canfield looked terrible in the first practice Monday.

Missouri wideout Danario Alexander had a bad first day in drills and catching passes.

Brandon Ghee, Wake Forest DB, looked good in one-on-one drills, mostly because he was able to run with anyone on the field.

An impressive receiver the first day for the North was Mardy Gilyard of Cincinnati. Showed good hands in drills. Supposedly had very nice body control and ball skills on poorly thrown passes.

South Practice

The player every scout had their eye on the first day; Tim Tebow. As I've said I don't think Tebow will be able to make the transition to the NFL as a quarterback and Tebow did little in the first day to prove the naysayers wrong. Tebow looked poor in passing drills, with a still long throwing motion. Because Tebow worked mostly out of the shotgun in college, working under center this week will come with a struggle. He fumbled quite a few times on the center/quarterback exchange. On the bright side, Tebow took coaching well and looked like the leader he always was at Florida.

I want to keep an eye on quarterback Jarrett Brown of West Virginia this week. As expected with another spread system quarterback Brown's drop backs weren't impressive, but I think this is a kid with a big upside heading into the week of practice.

Before mentioned UAB wideout Joe Webb is a player to keep an eye on. Webb is a physical player and it showed in the first practice. He was able to beat the jam of a lot of DBs and supposedly threw Alabama corner Javier Arenas to the ground and gave a good slap to USC safety Taylor Mays on an attempted jam. He later made an impressive play on a deep ball for a touchdown. Webb apears to be keeping me honest.

Myron Rolle, FSU DB, had an impressive first practice after being away from football for a year.

Mississippi wideout Dexter McCluster took reps at running back like he did a lot at Ole Miss. Despite his little frame and weight of 179, McCluster is a tough runner, but I don't believe he will be able to take direct hand offs at the next level.

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