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January 26, 2010

Senior Bowl News and Notes

Senior Bowl News and Notes 1-26-10

The first day of practice has begun for the 2010 Senior Bowl. Scouts of every NFL team are on hand evaluating and taking notes on all players. A few thoughts on the player weigh-ins from the North and South teams. It is basically the first look we get at these prospects after the often exaggerated college roster sizes.

Tim Tebow, Florida...6-2 3/4 236- Came in at about the same weight as expected. Hands measured in at 10 inches - a good size mit for a QB.

Tony Pike, Cincinnati....6-5 5/8 212 - A little on the lean side. Needs to add weight to nearly a 6'-6'' frame.

Running Backs:

Joique Bell, Wayne State....5-10 7/8 223 - A little shorter than expected but weighing in at 223 and a muscular build helps his cause.

LaGarrette Blount, Oregon....6-0 5/8 245 - Was listed at 6-4 on the Oregon game sheet. Obviously came in shorter than expected.

Charles Scott, LSU.....5-11 3/8 239 - Bigger than expected. But a solid build for 239. Good news for Scott. His draft status unfortunately will come down to his straight ahead speed.

Wide Receiver:

Dorin Dickerson, Pittsburgh....6-1 1/4 222 - Played a lot of TE at Pitt. Obviously too short and too light for the position at the next level. Excellent pass catcher will need to prove himself out wide this week.

Jacoby Ford, Clemson....5-8 3/4 181 - A little on the light side but with the speed Ford possesses his size shouldn't be a factor.

Mardy Gilyard, Cincy....5-11 5/8 179 - Like Ford, a little light, but will need to add a little weight because of his height. A lean frame.

Joe Webb, UAB....6-3 223 - One of my big sleepers for this game. Good size and a 33 3/4 arm length, highest amongst WRs.

Tight Ends:

Garrett Graham, Wisconsin....6-3 1/8 234 - Lighter than expected. Can add weight with his frame though.

Jimmy Graham, Miami (FL)....6-6 3/8 259 - An intriguing ex-basketball prospect. Came in shorter than the expected 6-8. Can add more weight even at 259. 34 3/4 arm length, very impressive.

Offensive Line:

Mike Iupati, Idaho....6-5 1/4 325 - Long arms at 35 inch. Overall good size for the highly regarded prospect.

Jeff Byers, USC....6-3 1/4 299 - Those of you who follow recruiting remember Byers as the No. 1 overall prospect his senior year. Byers has improved as a prospect but will need to add more size.

Ed Wang, Va Tech....6-4 7/8 315 - Wang is a guy I can see moving to guard at the next level because of his overall width. Shorter than first thought.

Defensive Line:

Terrence Cody, Alabama....6-4 370 - Cody is a massive prospect who could afford to lose some weight. 370! Not an every down DT in the NFL at that weight. 11 1/4 hands. Largest of all prospects.

Brandon Graham, Michigan....6-1 263 - Short for a DE, but overall good size at 263.

George Selvie, S. Florida....6-4 1/8 247 - Came in a little under weight, but it was expected of Selvie. May need to move positions or pack on the pounds.

Dan Williams, Tennessee....6-2 1/4 329 - A good size lineman. Could shed a few pounds, 310 would be ideal weight for Williams.


Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri....6-0 7/8 241 - Looks the part of a NFL linebacker. On the short side of what was thought, but plenty big enough.

Darryl Sharpton, Miami (FL)....5-11 3/4 229 - Has the frame to add weight and will need to.

Daryl Washington, TCU....6-1 3/4 226 - I like Washington a lot in the draft. Like Sharpton though will need to add some weight. Shouldn't be a problem by draft time.

O'Brien Shofield, Wisconsin....6-2 1/8 238 - An end at the college level, will bring his hand off the ground in the NFL. Very muscular build. Good size.

Defensive Backs:

Javier Arenas, Bama....5-8 5/8 195 - Obviously shorter than thought. Shouldn't be that big of a problem however.

Taylor Mays, USC....6-3 231 - Amazingly has the frame to add even more weight. Long arms at 33 3/4. Nice looking prospect, may move to 'backer for a team.

Myron Rolle, FSU....6-1 1/2 217 - Remember me? A strong build, good size to go along with obvious smarts (2008 Rhodes Scholarship winner)

Kyle Wilson, Boise State....5-10 190 - Has a chance to prove himself amongst a very solid group of DBs this week. I liked the size though.

Patrick Robinson, FSU....5-11 1/8 190 - Thought he'd come in at a little bigger. Robinson is a guy I feel needs to prove a lot this week.

Syd'Quan Thompson, Cal....5-9 182 - Very, very frail frame. I like how he plays the position but will need to get into the weight room to compete in the NFL.

......I'll have the latest news and notes as well as some experts observations from the first practice later.

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