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September 27, 2010

College Football Report - Poll Release and Reaction: Week 4

AP Top 25 Week 4:

1. Alabama (4-0) – No move

2. Ohio State (4-0) – No move

3. Boise State (3-0) – No move

4. Oregon (4-0) – Moved up, Previously No. 5

5. TCU (4-0) – Moved down, Previously No. 4

6. Nebraska (4-0) – No move

7. Florida (4-0) – Moved up, Previously No. 9

8. Oklahoma (4-0) – No move

9. Stanford (4-0) – Moved up, Previously No. 16

10. Auburn (4-0) – Moved up, Previously No. 17

11. Wisconsin (4-0) – No move

12. LSU (4-0) –Moved up, Previously No. 15

13. Utah (4-0) – No move

14. Arizona (4-0) – No move

15. Arkansas (3-1) Moved down, Previously No. 10

16. Miami (FL) (2-1) – Moved up, Previously No. 19

17. Iowa (3-1) – Moved up, Previously No. 18

18. USC (4-0) – Moved up, Previously No. 20

19. Michigan (4-0) – Moved up, Previously No. 21

20. South Carolina (3-1) – Moved down, Previously No. 12

21. Texas (3-1) – Moved down, Previously No. 7

22. Penn State (3-1) – Moved up, Previously No. 23

23. North Carolina State (4-0) – Moved into Top 25 with win over Georgia Tech

24. Michigan State (4-0) Moved up, Previously No. 25

25. Nevada (4-0) Moved into Top 25 with win over BYU

Fell from poll: West Virginia, Oregon State

Others receiving votes: West Virginia 57, Florida State 51, Missouri 51, Air Force 32, Kansas State 27, Oklahoma State 24, Clemson 9, UCLA 9, Oregon State 7, Northwestern 4, Houston 3

Voters get it right…? There wasn’t a whole lot of movement once again at the top of the AP poll, apart from the Longhorns big fall. Texas looked like a team on the brink of having a collapse for a few weeks now, and I’m sure most Longhorn fans were hoping it wasn’t against winless UCLA at home. Dropping to No. 21 from No. 7 feels like a big drop, but after watching the UCLA rout, they’re lucky to get No. 21. Oregon’s jump above TCU feels right, with the way the Ducks have been beating on opponents so far this season.

Biggest Movers… Both Stanford and Auburn made big moves this week and rightfully so. The Cardinals shot up from No.16 to No.9 with a win at Notre Dame, and although the Irish may look like the Irish of late, whooping Notre Dame under the presence of Touchdown Jesus is never easy. Auburn’s move to the Top 10 came after beating No. 12 ranked South Carolina. I wasn’t sold on the Gamecocks high ranking, but I am on the Tigers. Cam Newton is now 2-0 in the SEC and has an impressive win against Clemson under his belt. The Tigers have shown resiliency the last two weeks and have stepped up their game when it matters. I would have like to see the Tigers in the No. 9 spot. The Gamecocks fall to No. 20 feels about right, with an impressive win against Georgia still on their resumes.

Welcome to the Top 25…Apparently mascot wolves travel in packs as well. The University of Nevada makes a move to the Top 25 for the first time since 1948, thanks much in part to quarterback Colin Kaepernick and the Pistol offense. The Wolf Pack has now routed Cal and rolled over BYU in back-to-back weeks. A matchup of undefeated’s against Boise State could be coming later in the season. NC State makes a move to the Top 25 with impressive wins over Cincinnati and Georgia Tech. The one word Wolfpack may be the favorites to take the ACC Atlantic division.

We were snubbed...! No team was really left out of the Top 25 this week, as a few teams like Kansas State, Oklahoma State and Missouri are still waiting on marquee wins. Ironically the three are Big 12 teams. If anyone wants to throw out the snub card, it may be the USC Trojans, who continue to move down the polls making room for team’s that can actually play in a bowl. The Trojans, 4-0, probably can’t complain as a decent ranking really can’t go anywhere.

There’s always next week… A lot of teams have a chance to make big moves in the week five poll. Wisconsin will move into the Top 10 or dip into the twenties as they face a Michigan State team looking to make a move up. Clemson can move back into the Top 25 with a win over No. 16 Miami (FL) this week, and Texas has a chance to redeem itself in a game against No. 8 Oklahoma. The biggest movement and statements may come from games in Alabama and Oregon. The Tide take on Florida, while the Ducks try to tame the Stanford passing game. LSU always has next week to lose as well. The Tigers continue to rise in the polls with shaky performances and porous quarterback play by Jordan Jefferson. Could Tennessee pull a UCLA this week against the Tigers?

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