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January 6, 2011

An Arm and a Leg - Starting Price for National Championship Game Tickets:

If you’re still looking for National Championship tickets to see Oregon take on Auburn Monday night, don’t worry, it’s not too late to take out a second mortgage, sell the car and possibly you’re first born for a pair of seats. But you’ll be going to the biggest show in college football. Isn’t it worth it?

Think again. You may not even be able to find a pair of tickets to the game, let alone find a way to pay for them. What’s even more amazing about the tickets is the high demand they’re going for. At such a high demand that their actually putting a hitch in major ticket sale site, StubHub. The site was forced to inform people who had purchased tickets to the game months ago that some orders won’t be able to be filled. Tickets currently aren't being sold on StubHub because of it.

The only question is; where are these people getting the money to buy these tickets? StubHub tickets started at $3,880. That’s just the nose-bleed, though. And that’s apiece. Talk about some pressure on Oregon and Auburn. For some good chairs, without the binoculars, you’re going to be dishing out around $6,050 apiece. The high price of StubHub tickets peaks out at $15,550 apiece for club seats. Online site Craigslist features standing room tickets for as high as $4,500. Don’t even think about buying them from a scalper.

The sales are actually higher than any Super Bowl, ever. Ticket sales even dominate last year’s National Championship game prices, which featured Alabama vs. Texas. Sales for that game peaked around $1,000. Regular seats were still available for as low as $300.

The high demand may come from the fact that Oregon has never played in a National Championship game and Auburn, who got snubbed from the 2004 game after an undefeated season, hasn’t won a title in decades. And I always thought Oregon people didn’t care about football? The size of the stadium may also have an effect on the tickets, as the University of Phoenix Stadium seats around 73,000.

There’s no doubt that the offenses are playing a role in this, as well. Two of the most high powered offenses in college football in decades, along with this year’s Heisman trophy winner in Cam Newton, one of the more exciting players in the history of the game.

So let’s break this down. You’re going to need a plane ticket. A ticket from Detroit (closest to me) to Phoenix on is going for $858. You don’t want to travel alone, though. Take your brother or sister, best friend, maybe the spouse? Two tickets: $1,758.80. You have to leave early, though, travel time closer to the game would be even more.

Now for a hotel. I’m assuming you’re looking for more than four walls and a blanket. Maybe some running water? Country Inn and Suites, four nights, $472.

You’ll need some spending money, but don’t even think about renting a car; about 73,000 other people are thinking the same thing. You’re taking the bus. Have about $650 in spending money. Go see some big rocks.

Now for your tickets. You can opt for the nose-bleed seats at $4,000 each, or you can do it right, since you are going to the National Championship, and get some decent spots at $5,500. Don’t forget the tax and absurd handling charge.

Ready to add up your four day – college football dream vacation to the desert? How about a $14,130 retreat. For the same price, you can line your living room with four 3D-TV’s and invite the entire neighborhood. But hey, it’s the National Championship game. You weren’t planning on selling the house anytime soon anyways, and you got the other two kids. So go for it!

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