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November 29, 2010

College Football Report - The Greatest Play, I've Seen Before

I hope everyone got a chance to see the amazing interception made by Oklahoma State’s Shawn Lewis Saturday against Oklahoma (below). It was the greatest evidence of why The Bedlam series between the two, is bedlam. The interception by Lewis didn’t come without an assist, though. Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones looked to be throwing the football away when Cowboys defensive back Broderick Brown leaped out of bounds, tipping the ball back in bounds to Lewis.

I couldn’t help but think, while the rest of the country yelled in “I’ve never seen anything like that before,” moments, I actually have seen something like this before. Apart from a couple of my college roommates, I would object that anyone I know, knows what I’m talking about. But it’s exactly what I thought of when I saw Brown make the leaping tip-drill play live Saturday.

The time was the 2001 Peach Bowl, between Auburn and North Carolina (below). Carolina won the game 16-10, but the bigger story of the night was one single play, nobody had ever seen. UNC quarterback Darian Durant was scrambling out of pressure, while trying to throw the ball away. Auburn linebacker Karlos Dansby leaped out of bounds, catching and throwing Durant’s pass back in to fellow linebacker, Dontarious Thomas.

The refs, who had probably never seen such a play on the field, took about a minute and a half conference between themselves to discuss what had just happened. The result, unlike the Oklahoma State interception, drew a flag because Dansby caught the ball, and threw it back in, resulting in an illegal forward pass. The interception, however, stood.

To get a better look at the play, move to 1:26 in the video.

My only question now, though, is did Oklahoma State's Brown know to tip the ball back in-bounds, rather than draw a flag throwing the ball back in to Lewis? That may be a little farfetched. Defensive play of the year, may not be as far off. The defensive play of the decade? Maybe, he’s got a little competition from Dansby, though.

It’s still one of the greatest plays that I have seen, before.

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