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February 26, 2011

2011 NFL Combine: Numbers, Measurements and Test Results:

Notable 2011 NFL Combine results and first impression notes:

*note: Heights measured in eighths i.e. 6001 = 6’0’’ 1/8 or 6024 = 6’2’’ ½

*note: Reps = 225-pound bench reps. 40 = 40-yard dash. BJ = Broad Jump. Vert = Vertical Leap.

3C = Three-Cone Drill. 20S = 20 yard shuttle time


Blaine Gabbert, Missouri:

6043, 234 – 4.62 (40) – 10’ BJ – 33.5 Vert – 6.84 3C

Ideal quarterback size, Good frame. Too bad he won't be throwing at the Combine. Gabbert is on the Bengals radar, as he’s scheduled to meet with Cincinnati’s staff. Still have to question Gabbert’s decision not to throw, with so many quarterbacks throwing at the event this year. A far more athletic player than most were expecting from Gabbert.

Ryan Mallett, Arkansas:

6066, 253

Skinny for his near 6-foot-7 frame, Mallett also had a meltdown at the podium in front of the media Saturday, and walked off. He got upset about some drug rumor questions. Another not good thing for Mallett. Has shown spot on accuracy at times. The ball gets out of his hands extremely quick, with Brett Favre like velocity, but his throwing motion is a bit slow. The best deep ball in the group, throws it with ease.

Cam Newton, Auburn:

6050, 248 – 4.59 (40)10’6’’ BJ – 35 Vert – 6.92 3C

Exactly what was expected. Along with Gabbert, Newton is also scheduled to meet with the Bengals. Huge broad jump, the biggest at the 2010 combine was a 9’6’’. The speed was right around where most thought, at 250-pounds, the 4.6 range is fine. Footwork still needs some work, hasn’t done a lot of under center work. Had a couple accuracy problems at times, over threw the out routes.

Jake Locker, Washington:

6024, 231 – 4.59 (40)10’ BJ – 35 Vert – 6.77 3C

Good build for Locker, at 231-pounds. Locker has the size and athleticism to make it in the NFL. Very technically sound, looked very good in the quarterback-wideout drills. Has the best footwork of all the quarterbacks. Has been the best quarterback throwing, even with a few accuracy struggles.

Running Back:

Mark Ingram, Alabama:

5091, 215 – 21 Reps4.58 (40) – 9’10’’ BJ

Down at least 10 pounds from Alabama. Ingram gets in and out of cuts very quick. Ingram has some of the best feet in the draft. Doesn’t need great speed because of his running style, turned in times within the 4.5 and 4.6 range. As expected, did very well in bad drills, made really nice cuts. Did everything he needed to on Sunday.

Mikel Leshoure, Illinois:

5115, 227 – 4.59 (40) – 38 Vert – 10’2’’ BJ6.82 3C

Right around the size that was expected for Leshoure. A bruising back that didn’t necessarily need a great 40-time to hold his position in the draft. Leshoure had a lead on being the second running back selected, but that lead shrunk Sunday.

Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech:

5093, 212 – 4.61 (40) – 40 Vert10’3’’ BJ – 6.96 3C – 4.18 20S

Shorter than expected, but Williams is a physical runner for 5-foot-9. Has great lateral quickness, as well. Did excellent work through the bags. Caught the ball well, did a lot to show he can be an every down player.

Wide Receiver:

AJ Green, Georgia:

6035, 211 – 18 Reps – 4.50 (40) – 10’6’’ BJ

Skinny build. But still managed 18 reps. Met with the Bengals staff on Saturday. Very fluid in his routes. Hasn’t done anything to no warrant being the No. 1 wideout taken.

Julio Jones, Alabama:

6026, 220 – 17 Reps – 4.39 (40) – 11’3’’ BJ – 38.5 Vert – 6.66 3C

Had the second biggest wingspan at just over 81 inches. Very impressive speed for 220-pounds. With an unofficial 4.39 40, it’d almost be a surprise if Jones lasts until the Rams at pick No. 14. Has been the combine’s most impressive wideout thus far. Amazing broad jump from Jones. One of the best in the event’s history.

Leonard Hankerson, Miami (Fla.):

6014, 209 – 4.43 (40) – 36 Vert

Up in weight from the Senior Bowl, with solid frame. Hankerson has met with the Ravens, who could be thinking of Hankerson in the first, or hoping he falls in the second. Had a couple drops in the gauntlet, but no coach or scout takes that drill seriously , the whole drill is drops. One of the more NFL ready wideouts in the group. Has some concentration problems at times, but very polished and clean in and out of routes.

Tight End:

Kyle Rudolph, Notre Dame:

6061, 259

Not working out at the combine because of hamstring injuries that ended his season short.

D.J. Williams, Arkansas:

6021, 245 – 20 Reps – 4.67 (40) – 9’3’’ BJ – 33’ Vert -

Has kept pretty much under the radar at the combine. Was fluid in routes, didn’t break his speed or focus. Probably showed the best pass catching ability of the tight ends.

Offensive Line:

Nate Solder (OT), Colorado:

6081, 319 – 22 Reps 5.05 (40) – 9’2’’ BJ32 Vert – 4.34 20S 7.44 3C

Solder measured in quite well at 6-foot-8 as expected, but his 21 reps show his weakness. He's a past tight end, and it appears he's kept his tight end strength. Not good news for Solder. Solder looks like a guy who’s going to need some work and fine tuning once he gets into the league. He runs well, but he needs to clean up his game and improve his strength.

Anthony Castonzo (OT), Boston College:

6070, 317 – 28 Reps – 5.23 (40) – 8’9’’ BJ – 4.40 20S – 7.25 3C

Looks very athletic. Looked the best in the kick-slide drill of all the group one linemen. Could add some weight based on how he moves and carries weight on 6-foot-7 frame. May be the best offensive tackle in the draft with the solid performance, as he’s shown he does all the little things of the position very well. His upside, however, isn’t as high as Solder.

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