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February 28, 2011

2011 NFL Combine: Numbers, Measurements and Test Results: Defense

Notable 2011 NFL Combine results and first impression notes:

*note: Heights measured in eighths i.e. 6001 = 6’0’’ 1/8 or 6024 = 6’2’’ ½

*note: Reps = 225-pound bench reps. 40 = 40-yard dash. BJ = Broad Jump. Vert = Vertical Leap. 3C = Three-Cone Drill. 20S = 20 yard shuttle time

Defensive End:

Da’Quan Bowers, Clemson:

6033, 280 – 22 Reps

Not working out at the combine. Not great strength for his size.

Robert Quinn, North Carolina:

6040, 265 – 22 Reps – 4.70 (40) – 9’8’’ BJ – 34 Vert – 7.13 3C

Will rise up a lot of draft boards, even after not playing in a year because of a UNC suspension. An athletic freak, who may remind some of a young Jevon Kearse. Good bend around bags.

Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue:

6037, 267 – 31 Reps4.71 (40) – 10’2’’ BJ – 33.5 Vert7.18 3C

Moves like he can be playing linebacker in the fall. Excellent burst off the line, best in the defensive line group 7. Excellent strength for his size, with 31 reps. Kerrigan may persuade a few teams to look at him as an outside linebacker now, a team like San Diego in the mid first. A four quarter player.

J.J. Watt, Wisconsin:

6053, 290 – 34 Reps – 4.84 (40) – 10’ BJ – 37 Vert – 6.88 3C – 4.21 20S

Carries his 290-pounds very well. Projects best in a 3-4 because of his size, but played exceptionally well in the Badgers 4-3 scheme. Quick with good bend through punch drills. Great three-cone time, a drill I love for defensive linemen.

Defensive Tackle:

Marcell Dareus, Alabama:

6031, 319 – 24 Reps – 4.92 (40)

Dareus moved very well for a 319-pounder. Struggled some moving through bags, got off balance with too much weight forward. Real nice hip work, could flip and rotate with ease. Great bend and change of direction. A powerful player, who in some scouts minds is the best defensive tackle. I can’t disagree, I'd take Dareus over Fairley.

Nick Fairley, Auburn:

6037, 291 – 4.87 (40) – 7.14 3C

Real nice get off. A bit sloppy with his pop on the bags, but got up and down quick. Showed he’s got good bend and start up quickness with one of the top three-cone times for defensive tackles. Didn't stand out as much as some scouts were hoping for. May not have shown enough to warrent a No. 1 selection.

Outside Linebacker:

Von Miller, Texas A&M:

6025, 246 – 4.53 (40)10’6’’ BJ37 Vert6.70 3C4.06

Weighed in at the Senior Bowl at 237-pounds, so has put on nine pounds since then. Blazed through the 40-yard dash, in the 4.4 range unofficially, even with the added weight. Really an impressive prospect. Has a chance to go within the top five of the draft. Incredibly smooth, there’s no wasted movement. Went a little fast through the bag drill, got off balance with his shoulders out of place. Tremendous acceleration when turning hips in pass drill.

Akeem Ayers, UCLA:

6024, 254 – 4.80 (40) – 9’8’’ BJ – 4.28 20S

Didn’t run as fast as most scouts were expecting, but he’s also one of the heaviest guys in the group. Exceptional job working through the bags. Great feet, kept his head and eyes up. Great hips and change of direction in the pass drill. Real good job catching the ball. Projects as the No. 1 4-3 linebacker. Some scouts don’t see him going within the top 15, but I’m real high on Ayers. I like the way he moves, drops into coverage with ease, just a natural athlete. Strong guy who can rush a bit, as well.

Inside Linebacker:

Martez Wilson, Illinois:

6036, 250 – 23 Reps – 4.49 (40) – 10’4’’ BJ – 36 Vert – 7.04 3C – 4.28

Many knew Wilson would impress, but the 40-time was even a bit of a surprise. A very dynamic player, capable of playing a lot of different linebacker spots at the next level. A physically imposing player. Tight hips, with some good feet. Has some good bend at the waist, stays low.

Colin McCarthy, Miami (Fla.):

6013, 238 – 23 Reps – 4.65 (40) – 9’11’’ BJ – 36.5 Vert – 6.93 3C – 4.20 20S

Had a really nice Senior Bowl game. A guy that doesn’t pass the eye test, but is a playmaker come game day. Turned in two nice runs within the 4.6 range. Kept his eyes up through drills, quick feet, but crossed them a bit. Quick back-peddle, natural pass catching ability. Turned in a great workout for someone scouts weren’t expecting it from. A lot more athletic than many thought.


Patrick Peterson, LSU:

6002, 219 – 15 Reps – 4.34 (40)10’6’’ BJ38 Vert – 6.58 3C4.07 20S

Absolute unbelievable athlete. Excelled in every event at the combine. An explosive player, and technically sound. Real quick in and out of his breaks. Rounded off some of his turns. Displays natural athleticism. Had good

Prince Amukamara, Nebraska:

6000, 206 – 4.43 (40) – 10’8’’ BJ – 38 Vert – 4.08 20S

Ran far better than expected. The biggest question mark heading into the combine was his speed, Amukamara answered that Tuesday. Turn and run very quick. Had some stiffness at times in his turns, but Amukamara has shown on tape, he can turn and run with anyone.

Brandon Harris, Miami (Fla.):

5094, 191 – 4.45 (40) – 6.77 3C

Very fluid and very polished. Excellent feet, without any wasted movement in his breaks. Had Deon Sanders raving all day. Stayed very low with his back peddle and turned in some of the best breaks on the ball. Only had three college interceptions, but showed good ball skills, attacked the ball in the air.


Raheem Moore, UCLA:

5116, 202 – 11 Reps – 4.62 (40)9’7’’ BJ – 35 Vert – 6.98 3C – 3.96 20S

Real nice hip flexibility, turned and ran very well. A natural ball hawk. Good breaks, had some corner skills in him. Very nice flexibility and bend in his breaks. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Moore sneak into the late first. Real impressive. Had 10 interceptions at UCLA, and showed great ball skills at the combine.

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