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February 24, 2011

First Quarter Hail Mary...2/24

"...where completion is considered unlikely"

Lane Kiffin: The man who keeps on giving

USC head coach Lane Kiffin may be long gone from Tennessee, but apparently he’s left a few parting gifts for the Vols program to clean up.

Along with current head basketball coach, Bruce Pearl, Kiffin received a notice revealing that he committed recruiting violations and failed to promote an atmosphere of compliance of NCAA rules.

The NCAA gave Tennessee officials a list of a dozen rules violations; Kiffin received a separate list, because he’s now at USC. Tennessee now has until May 21 to respond, after which the NCAA would respond to Tennessee’s at a meeting on June 10-11.

Kiffin and assistants are accused of improper phone calls to football recruits. Kiffin is also charged with failing to monitor his staff.

Attorney finally agrees to take Auburn case

Apparently fourth time’s a charm for Harvey Updyke Jr. The alleged Toomer’s Corner tree prisoner has found an attorney to take his case.

Glennon Threatt Jr., a Birmingham attorney, has agreed to take the defense of Updyke Jr. Threatt was the fourth man Updyke went through, with court-appointed attorneys Jerry Hauser and Philip Tyler pulling out, as well as Jerry Blevins.

Threatt said in a statement: “I expect this case to be a lot of fun.”

Fun as in putting a crazy man behind bars, I hope. Meanwhile at Toomer’s Corner, workers dug 18 inches deep replacing the poisoned soil, in an effort to save the trees. The incident has brought a lot of hostility from Auburn fans, including slashing of Updyke’s car tires at store parking lot.

Way too early Heisman watch

Because Heisman talk never gets old, website has released its early list of front runners for the most glamorous piece of rust in college football.

The list includes 22 names to keep an eye on for the start of the 2011 season, but like recent years have proven; the winner probably isn’t on the list.

Obvious front runners include: Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, Oregon running back LaMichael James, OK State wideout Justin Blackmon and Boise quarterback Kellen Moore.

I like a few sleepers on the list, like Wisconsin running back Montee Ball, Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones and Auburn running back Michael Dyer.

Threet decides to hang up the cleats

Arizona State senior quarterback Steven Threet has decided to put his football career on the shelf due to recent concussions and ongoing concussion symptoms.

With four concussions in five years, including two last seasons, Threet will call it quits. Headaches and trouble sleeping still lingers for Threet, who sustained his last concussion Nov. 26 against UCLA.

A former Michigan transfer, Threat committed to Georgia Tech out of high school before heading back to his home state team, Michigan, in 2007. Last year, his first eligible season with the Sun Devils, Threet passed for 2,534 yards and 18 touchdowns. He also had 16 interceptions in nine starts.

His replacement, Brock Osweiler, started the last two games for the Sun Devils last season, while Threet sat out. Both games were ASU wins.

You’re going the wrong way!

The first thing that came to my mind when I heard Utah linebacker Timote Nai Fotu had been pulled over and arrested a few days ago for DUI, was that it was just another instance of a player messing up in a long list to come in the college football offseason.

Then I found out how he was pulled over, and the first thing that came to mind was the hilarious scene of Plains Trains and Automobiles when actor John Candy is heading in the wrong direction on the freeway.

That’s because Nai Fotu was heading in the wrong direction, as well.

Nai Fotu indeed messed up and by no means is a DUI arrest a laughing matter, but how great would it had been if when told he was going the wrong way by the cop, Nai Fotu then responded ‘how the hell do you know where I’m going?’

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